As a Tyrrell Products Partner, we now bring new products to the UK marketplace to support our existing product portfolio, giving our clients greater flexibility with innovative products, including the latest Niagara 4 platform N4.13 and soon to be released v4.14!.

Our new products offering greater flexibility with the transition from a failing DDC/BMS control system to a modern Niagara based solution, with user-friendly access on either Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, iPhone or iPad.

The device includes all necessary software on-board to allow the day to day management of your control systems, which include trend logging, alarm reporting, email alarms, graphics which are engineered to suit both your new or existing installation and budget.

Main Features:

  • JENEsys = Fully programmable Niagara controller
  • 10x Digital outputs, 8 x Analogue outputs, and 16 x UI on-board I/O
  • 2 x on-board RS485 ports
  • Direct connection to 7 off XM 34 I/O modules (272 points in total)
  • Fast and increased memory capacity
  • Small footprint (110.5 x 110.25 x 60mm)
  • Compatible with many additional drivers
  • Replacement for Sedona EasyIO-30P, JACE 3000/6000, EagleHawk AX/NX, Trend IQ1/IQ2/IQ3, Schneider IAC4xx / 6xx, Satchwell MN3xx, 4xx, 6xx, TAC Xenta and many more - these controls have a unique small footprint with 34 inputs/outputs per device, which is handy for those small panels!