Inverter Drive Replacement

We love ABB inverter drives, they are both easy to install and easy to commission.

After having many years installing the older ACH550 series the new ABB ACH580 series is proving even simpler to install with installer friendly cable entry options.

Following simple guidelines and performing the installation correctly will not lead to the horrors found on a site recently..

Original installation: starters onto a local isolator with SWA cable - no problem.

ABB ACH550: Some bright sparks installed new inverter drives on a site and to save costs chopped and cut cables to save a few pounds, installed new larger cables (fair enough), but then jointed them with connector blocks to the original cables - did not check earthing or tightness of any glands. Motor connections were loose and so consequently shorted out, overheated and burnt out.

Result: System now needing to be re-wired and new inverter drive to replace damaged unit. Motors now needing to be replaced as they were allowed to operate outside their recommended operating conditions - a thermal imaging device recorded motor cage temperatures in excess of 76 DegC.

Moral of story: Installed correctly, the systems will provide reliable operation, a long service life, and save you both money on extended plant life and reduced energy consumption.