Still have ADT / JEL PC8000 hardware installed?

We can offer competitive control system upgrades on these systems where sensors, control valves, damper motors and existing installations can be adapted to suit the new control systems with minimal disruption, a recent installation at a school in Birmingham was completed during term time with the client not realising that their existing JEL systems had been replaced and fully commissioned over the 3-day period.

.SmartUPS Power Supplies - Regular Safety Checks
Schneider-Electric confirms that where the operating temperature conditions are exceeded for a prolonged length of time that the recommended battery replacement interval / operating life is significantly reduced. But did not explain why the charging circuit (temperature compensated) actually failed its job and continued to charge the battery to destruction.

Our recommendation is to inspect ALL SmartUPS / BackUPS RBCxx battery pack conditions on a regular basis.

Sump Pumps

Does your sump pump sit in a corner, seldom looked at and cleared of any debris? Check it now before its too late - You never know when it will be needed!

Do you still have an old auto-fill pressurisation unit?

One of our clients suffered a catastrophic failure of their Grundfoss pressurisation unit, all internal plastic pipework had gone brittle and subsequently failed emptying the contents of their heating system, leaving the "simple" pressurisation unit to continually feed water. Based on recent experiences if your system is more than 5 years old, have it checked and if necessary replaced. Mikrofill EFD's have come a long way since first entry to market, at least you can be assured it will stop filling the system and produce a flood / leak detection alarm.

The same Mikrofill unit will also keep track of how much water has been added to the system and a useful alarm log with time and date stamp

Carbon Footprint getting too large?

Let us help you to reduce your carbon footprint, after all every little saved helps protect our environment and your budget.

Our control systems are web-based, and by providing remote access we can help reduce your energy usage, diagnose control system faults, resolve setting issues and usually save you a site visit.

We can bolt-on a web-based solution to most existing control systems, providing both local and remote access thus allowing the end-user to be more pro-active with time settings and setpoints.

Simple Carbon Reduction Scheme Using Web-Based Solutions:

  • Control settings optimised
  • Control systems operating correctly
  • Control system strategies fine tuned
  • Alarm reporting in real-time allowing the end-user to be pro-active - responding to alarms in a timely fashion reduces energy wastage
  • No travelling to and from site, except for routine planned maintenance or responding to plant issues

Schneider-Electric (SatchNet / MicroNet / Xenta)

Satchwell "Micronet" controls hardware are now officially obsolete: No factory supported replacement products are available in the marketplace.

As of 29 December 2017 the "Sigma" branded Satchwell IAC-Touchscreens, IAC420 and IAC600 are no longer produced and offered for sale, we can still fully support them with web-based access via a Xenta 555 server or our Jace 8000.

Xenta 511/555 HTTPS is no longer supported in Windows 10, we can assist with adjustment of security settings, to allow access whilst the transition of old controls to new controls takes place.

The support of Xenta hardware is now being withdrawn in favour of EcoStruxure, for the time being the systems are still supported on Windows 7 with limited support in Windows 8/8.1/10.

ADT - (JEL PC/UC and Delta Controls)

Your JEL control systems using 90's technology are now end of life, including the software that runs and develops the strategy.

Delta Controls are now officially a legacy product according to ADT's website?

ADT have closed down all of the departments which both install and service the hardware leaving clients to go out into the marketplace for support and controls replacement.

We can help with competitive controls upgrades using Niagara Ax / 4.1 and Sedona framework hardware.

Kieback + Pieter HRP/LRP Controllers

Do you have HRP or LRP controllers in your plantroom, we have learnt that these are due to be retired at the end of 2014, with our EasyIO Sedona products migrating these controllers to a modern BMS system is relatively straight-forward, changing the sensors, using the existing network and modifying control circuitry to 24v anything is possible! 

EasyIO Europe Ltd and Sedona Framework Devices

Added to our latest product offering of smart controls for intelligent buildings is a range EasyIO products, we are proud to announce R H Williams Ltd are now official partners of EasyIO Europe, bringing Sedona Framework devices to the UK marketplace.

Niagara 4.4 the next generation of Tridium software is now available as an EasyIO product.. watch this space

How can we help?

Your control system is an investment, installed and commissioned correctly it will save energy and in turn save money.

Should your existing products fail, we are in a position to help you by migrating your existing control systems to the latest systems on offer in the marketplace from Honeywell CentraLine and EasyIO Europe.

We can in the majority of cases re-use your existing sensors, field wiring and control panels for the installation of new control hardware thus minimising your system installation costs and reducing plant down time - subject to the condition of your existing services and standards of installation employed by the original installer.

Whilst your controls are in the process of being upgraded we can review your existing control system strategies and incorporate the latest energy saving techniques.

We will provide drawings for your new control system in AutoCAD or PDF format included in the price of your control system upgrade.

Your new control systems are supplied with a local touchscreen providing user-friendly web access to the control system parameters, times, alarms and plant operation via simple graphics and text pages.

The same graphics and displays being available on your company Intranet using a standard web-browser.

Whilst on the same site most of the existing BMS type control systems available in the marketplace can be linked to our open systems platform controller giving a unified user experience and centralised controls package.