Corona Virus COVID-19 Update

We are now carrying out routine works on all sites, including new projects, service and maintenance and reactive callouts.

Following HM Government and HSE guidelines we are using appropriate PPE when in confined spaces or as directed by the individual site in communal areas and using alcohol based hand sanitizers both at regular intervals and before and after leaving customer sites. Reducing the spread of COVID-19 virus is critical for all concerned.

Corona Virus COVID-19 Ventilation 

We are also involved with the modification of existing air handling equipment to provide full fresh air at increased ventilation rates (where inverter drives are used) and disabling thermal wheels, whilst this step may increase energy requirements, it is critical for all businesses affected to keep their workplace reasonably safe and COVID-19 secure by preventing the spread of the virus by removing recirculated air from all communal ventilation plants.

Coster UK Control Products

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer competitive standalone controls for traditional boiler control system replacements, perfect for obsolete control replacement projects where a quick turnaround is required..

Tyrrell Products

We are pleased to announce that R H Williams Ltd are partners for Tyrrell Products, where we can offer you the latest Niagara 4 JENEsys Edge 534 and Onyxx XM34 products, with a impressive capability of 306 points - ideal for control panels with legacy hardware needing a competitive upgrade.

Simple Carbon Reduction Scheme Using Web-Based Solutions:

  • Control settings optimised
  • Control systems operating correctly
  • Control system strategies fine tuned
  • Alarm reporting in real-time allowing the end-user to be pro-active - responding to alarms in a timely fashion reduces energy wastage

How can we help?

Your control system is an investment, installed and commissioned correctly it will save energy and in turn save money.

Should your existing products fail, we are in a position to help you by migrating your existing control systems to the latest systems on offer in the marketplace from Lynxspring, Tyrrell Products,  Honeywell CentraLine and EasyIO Europe / Johnson Controls International.

We can in the majority of cases re-use your existing sensors, field wiring and control panels for the installation of new control hardware thus minimising your system installation costs and reducing plant down time - subject to the condition of your existing services and standards of installation employed by the original installer.

Whilst your controls are in the process of being upgraded we can review your existing control system strategies and incorporate the latest energy saving techniques.

We will provide drawings for your new control system in AutoCAD or PDF format included in the price of your control system upgrade.

Your new control systems are normally supplied with a local touchscreen providing user-friendly web access to the control system parameters, times, alarms and plant operation via simple graphics and text pages.

The same graphics and displays being available on your company Intranet using a standard web-browser and a web plug-in.

Whilst on the same site most of the existing BMS type control systems available in the marketplace can be linked to our open systems platform controller giving a unified user experience and centralised controls package.