Both New and Existing Buildings

are now being controlled using an Open-System near you

Satchwell / TAC / Schneider-Electric: SatchNet / MicroNet Hardware Replacement

Having many years of control experience with the engineering and commissioning of Satchwell SatchNet and MicroNet control systems, we are in a position to reverse engineer your old control systems and add a web interface allowing both local and remote access.

We can replace your obsolete systems with our current product offerings from Lynxspring, Tyrrell Products, EasyIO and Honeywell CentaLine brands to provide a tailor-made package to suit your site and budget.

Our current offerings are open-systems and can be managed on any device running Windows, IOS or Android software platforms e.g. SmartPhone, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop PC's.

We have a range of low cost screen alternatives to panel PC's which offer bright easy read displays with Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity.