Simple Control Replacement Maintaining Original User Interface

Going back to the 80s with simple timeswitches, knobs and switches may seem a backward step, or is it?

The original installation was not perfect and still needs further work, with connector blocks, wiring connected to internal panel components really show how previous contractors maintained and installed their equipment, yet with tight budgets we always try to accommodate our clients and concentrate our efforts on the important parts, we pride ourselves in how we install and maintain our equipment and as you will see we tidy up and leave the systems in a fully functional state, and in time with regular annual maintenance the connector blocks and direct connected wiring can be cut back terminated into terminals and incorpated properly into the as installed wiring diagrams.

Some of our clients do not always possess laptops and site wide network connectivity, but do still need an intelligent controls solution for their heating systems, and with this in mind we removed the old analogue type controls which were installed on a fit and forget basis, unfortunately this shows when valves hadn't moved for several years and were seized solid! The boilers, compensated zones, time programmers and plus/minus temperature adjusters were then incorporated into a simple, but energy efficient controls solution in a single EasyIO FW-14 series controller.

The valves now restored to their former glory, full demand-based boiler control, the ability to set the zones at different times and temperatures the building is now finally back in control.

The boilers now linked to variable temperature control, means that the burner outputs are modulated precisely to meet heating demand, no more live boiler header, but now linked to zone valve opeing / closing, so that the boilers only operate when needed.

The cost saving bit, all existing sensors and associated wiring were re-used with the EasyIO controller, and most of the panel wiring retained in place, to make changeover from simple to intelligent a pain-free process.

We still have the ability to connect to the modern web-based user interface of EasyIO controller as and when needed using the in-built Wi-Fi connection for use with SmartPhone, iPhone, Table, iPad or Laptop PC to carry out annual maintenance and calibration checks, and if the client wishes in future to incorporate it into their office IT network.

We pride ourselves in working with the end user to provide a practical solution to their requirements encompassing latest control strategies and improving energy performance, and yet retaining their requirement for a simple user interface.