Both New and Existing Buildings

are now being controlled using an Open-System near you

HVAC Controls and BMS Systems 

We pride ourselves in having over 35 years experience in applying HVAC control systems to different building environments, each control system developed both for user-friendly access and energy saving potential. 

We use Tridium, Tyrrell, Lynxspring, EasyIO and Honeywell control equipment to fulfil the needs of your plant's control system installation, which is tailored to suit both your site and budget.

We work with you the end user during routine service visits to achieve energy savings on your existing control system installations wherever possible, and then to improve energy performance by incorporating the latest generation of control devices and energy-saving strategies when we perform control system upgrades.

Adding inverter drives to fans and pumps can make significant energy savings without detrimental effect to environmental conditions and plant performance, our ABB ACH580 drives have energy meters incorporated which can be made available to your new control system using BACnet or Modbus. 

We use the same control systems to link into metering so that energy usage can be viewed graphically over time, with this data the user is then able to make informed judgement on how to reduce their energy bills further by changing settings and time schedules to reduce their daily energy consumption.

A control interface installed between air conditioning and heating prevent both systems operating at the same time, a common issue with systems installed during a fit-out or simply bolted on to provide spot cooling without being linked into the centralised controls and building management systems. 

We fully support our clients with their web-based systems, secured by VPN networks limiting your exposure to Cyber attacks. By providing remote support and monitoring of alarms and plant conditions we are then ensuring trouble-free operation during our annual service contracts and being pro-active to alarms helping you to reduce energy wastage and staff inconvenience.