Service and Maintenance

We support many clients with their control systems providing regular site inspections and condition reports on plant and systems on completion.

Regular Inspections
It is important that your control systems are inspected on a regular basis, electrical and mechanical problems are identified quickly, minimising cost and down-time.

Software Updates   
It is important that your systems are kept up to date, that is why we are always pro-active in ensuring that your systems are using the latest software and hot-fixes.
With all of our service clients we carry out the following: -
We ensure that the BMS computer systems are updated with the latest service packs
We ensure that anti-virus software definitions are checked and updated.
With software driven devices we provide software updates to encompass latest features and security compatibility to our service clients

Remote Support / Troubleshooting
A large number of our installed systems are web-based, as part of our service commitment we offer remote support, where alarms and log data are reviewed at no additional cost to our service clients.

Telephone Support 
For our service customers we provide free of charge telephone support on their installed control systems, sometimes all that is needed to fix a problem is a telephone call saving the customer the cost of a site visit and of course helping to save their carbon footprint.

We are regularly asked to attend sites who have systems installed by others to validate their installed control systems, their associated installations, functions and performance.
As an independent control system specialist we have you the customer in mind, we provide unbiased advice on the system installed and any recommendations are backed by a quotation for the necessary work.

Controls Currently Supported 
We support Honeywell CentraLine control products and VSD drives
We support EasyIO products, CPT Tool and Sedona Workbench
We support Siemens Building Technologies control products
We support Syxthsense HRP/LRP control products for standalone systems (these products were discontinued in 2014).
We support existing Trend products IQ1xx, IQ2xx, IQ3-Excite, and 963 Supervisor
We support Synapsis products offering gateways for many products which will interface directly with Trend IQ3 products.
We support Satchwell IAC400, IAC420, IAC600, Xenta 555, TAC Vista, TAC Xenta 300, 400, 500, and 700
We support Satchwell Micronet MN300, MN350, MN440, MN450, MN500, MN550, MN620, MN650, Satchnet Plus, Satchnet Pro, VisiView, Micronet View: These systems are now discontinued and so we can offer you competitive control system upgrades and replacements.
We can also support a number of other manufacturers equipment.
We support ABB ACH / ACS series inverter drives