Sonning Heater Controls

Time to give your Sonning Heater a control systems upgrade?

With new controls powered by Niagara 4 we can make your existing heater more energy efficient and with an ABB inverter drive, a gas or oil meter we can also monitor its energy usage via the user-friendly touchscreen.

System fully compatible with on/off, high/low, and modulating burners using Nu-Way burners..

Existing installation needing a bit of a re-wire, most systems can be adapted to suit the new control panel: all "standard" systems come with hangar door alarms, fire damper interlocks, fire safety interlocks as standard - if not used the feature is simply jumpered out. The systems have been designed to be backwards compatible, covering heaters installed over several generations.

Add a 3G/4G/5G router, the heater systems can be remotely monitored to provide support when its needed, and provide automated emails of any plant faults needing attention. This can also be replaced with your IT network and suitable VPN access.

New control panel, factory commissioned and tested allow easy retrofit to existing heaters, wiring diagrams for the standard system provided.

New ABB inverter drive providing energy efficient control of fan speed, prolonging life of heat exchanger..

Using Niagara 4 platform the new Sonning Control Systems can easily be integrated into a Niagara 4 supervisor, whether it be Tridium, Trend IQ-Vision, or Honeywell CentraLine using the power of the Niagara Network.

Sonning Heaters with Honeywell CentraLine

User-friendly graphics

Control system engineered to be backwards compatible with all heaters with on/off, high/low and modulating burners.

Standard Control Panels

Control system retrofitted to original heater, with new control panel, inverter drive, sensors, pressure switches and thermostats

Complete Solution

New style heater cabinet providing a suitable barrier against the hot panels associated with these heaters.

Satchwell MN-50 / MN-100 Series Controllers

MN-LCD Simple 4-line display

The control systems are obsolete, but can be updated to the latest hardware, maintaining the original Sonning controls philosophy, and incorporating further energy saving features - just add an inverter drive.

MicroNet Sonning Heater

All control panels have been engineered to provide comprehensive alarm and diagnostic information, with the new control system all features are incorporated.

Blast from the past

The heaters have come a long way since simple thermostats and timeclocks, the systems have now been developed based on electronic sensing, more accurate control, modulating burner supply temperatures, energy saving features and remote BMS monitoring