Our Solar PhotoVoltaic Power Installation

Our solar power system installed in November 2012, comprising of 14-off Solartech STP250S-20/Wd 250W panels and a Sunny Boy SB 3600 TL-20 inverter, producing clean renewable energy of 3500W at its peak has reached its 20MW milestone and is steadily moving towards 25MW.

Obviously the system performance is dependant on the weather, good bright sunny days will provide useful energy during daylight hours, which as the data starts to be recorded will show how renewable energy is the way forward for both domestic customers and businesses alike. This technology is a long-term investment and not intended as a quick financial return, as energy prices increase there will be more demand for renewable energy.

With no moving parts maintenance costs are low, needing only annual inspection of the equipment at roof level for physical damage, cleaning and regular monitoring of the inverter output for system performance.

Further energy saving improvements were added in May 2014 by installing Honeywell evoHome, where individual rooms are controlled on separate time schedules and temperatures, with full demand-based boiler control and remote access using iPhone or Android devices

Modern Worcester-Bosch boiler installed in June 2017, to further improve on energy efficiency - in conjunction with evoHome now provides a fully demand-based and energy efficient heating solution.

Energy Production Milestones: 

  • November 2012 - System Installed
  • August 2013 - 2.5MW generated
  • August 2014 - 6.0MW generated
  • July 2015 - 9.106MW generated
  • August 2016 - 12.63MW generated
  • September 2017 - 16.164MW generated
  • September 2018 - 19.685MW generated
  •  September 2019 - 23.00MW generated

We just love sunny days...

Sunny Portal Web Monitoring:

SMA data available on iPhone and Android smartphone applications!

String Performance - (Voltage / Current)

SMA Inverter and Solar Panel Performance - see how a slight amount of shading on one panel affects string performance! (remember to change day to yesterday for complete page at the bottom)

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