Trend IQ-151+ Replacement

A customer came to us asking if we could help, their control system seeming unresponsive, settings being lost and wasting energy due to limited control strategies.

Looked at the SET strategy and found system was based on boiler plant operating during programmed hours with no energy saving functions to reduce boiler operating hours apart from simple outside temperature hold-off and summer override.

Controls now replaced with a Honeywell Hawk 340 with I/O modules to cover plant control and monitoring.

Simple user-friendly graphics for desktop / laptop use and simple graphics for mobile use.

System now provided with full boiler demand strategy linked to valve opening and true heating requirements of building.

Email alarms to enable pro-active support.

Local access by Android SystemView touchscreen.

Further flexibility added to system to allow integration of electricity metering serving various sub-mains to give an accurate picture of energy usage over a 24 hour period.

System now supported remotely using smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC.