evoHome Flexible Heating Controls

Can evoHome control your home?

The simple answer is YES, with the right number of components you can control up to 12 zones of heating and your hot water if you still have a cylinder!

We have recently re-installed this system with a Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen, ten TRV zones and one convector zone, the flexibility of the system allows you to have multiple time periods for every zone and different temperatures throughout the day, or you can use the copy function to use the same settings for each zone - the choice is yours..

Our new Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen now removes the need for a seperate gateway, and by using additional Wi-Fi touchscreens the possibility of extending a system up to 48 zones is theoretically possible.

Modern boilers use OpenTherm technology, with evoHome you can install an OpenTherm bridge to allow direct communication with the boiler.

Existing controls:

  • Most controls now offer radio thermostats, but these are limited to single zone application
  • Our Drayton wireless thermostat had three optimised periods per day
  • Each period had a separate setpoint
  • Positioning of the device was often an issue - according to my other half!
  • TRV's were set and left, so when it was cool in one part of the house the remaining part over-heated or was heated when it really did not need to.


  • evoHome control system with easy programming
  • Individual room control, simply replace each TRV head with a new electronic head - sensing is built-in!
  • Fully demand-based boiler control strategy, so your boiler is only active when a room is calling for heat
  • ECO function, at the press of a button all zone setpoints are reduced by 3'c
  • Remotely accessible using iPhone or Android device
  • Easily fitted to existing heating system, simply remove existing thermostat wiring and replace with relay module
  • Remote sensing devices and TRV heads use AA batteries with up to 2 year battery life - 2 cells required for each device (supplied in the box).
  • Remote gateway or Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen is configured relatively easy, setup your account and download the APP for iPhone or Android device
  • System expansion using more Wi-Fi touchscreens can be configured on your account in a user-friendly format: House, Extension, Barn, Entertainment - you then simply choose which is the default screen to display and navigate your APP to the other zones.

Other systems:

We looked at the Hive and Nest solutions, but Honeywell evoHome won each time, YES it will cost you more to buy the components, but the results will be seen in more comfortable temperatures and energy saving over time - currently stated saving up to 40%.

evoHome just got smarter!

Take your local weather forecast, and automatically set your controls to economy mode when the local outside temperature goes above 21'c.

Wi-Fi enabled touchscreens with 12 zones each can be linked to your home Wi-Fi and accessed via your APP.

A brilliant feature of this on-line system where you can now create your own customizable "recipes" for your eco friendly heating system.

Now Alexa is getting in on the act, ask Alex to change your setpoint..easy as 123, just add skills..