Cabinet Heaters "Go Smart" Using EasyIO FW-14 Controllers

Sometimes the standalone controller fitted to most manufacturer's standard cabinet heaters nowadays are simply abused, heaters are turned on manually, programmes inappropriately set and often left to look after themselves.

We have a simple solution, fit an EasyIO controller, connect it to your Wi-Fi network and let the controller tell you when there is a tamper problem and help reduce your carbon footprint by keeping control over those settings.

With its user-friendly dashboard, set plant operation times and temperature setpoints from the comfort of your office or at home if you have remote access.

Yes, we still have the manual switch positions: off, auto, ventilation, and heat - but now we have alarms. 

These switches are normally used for maintenance operations when it is necessary to run the units for annual inspections and test burner combustion.

Change the standard switch to a key operated switch, problem solved, only authorised key holders can operate the systems manually.

What happens in manual modes:

Auto = control system decides, based on current settings

Ventilation = fan runs continuously

Heat = burner and fan operates on "day" temperature setting

Off = plant is OFF without frost protection

We can disable the heater remotely to prevent local abuse, lessons learnt by the persistent offenders, the manual switch soon gets returned back to the auto position.

Standard facilities provided: -

  • Optimum start/stop control
  • Time schedule (2 on/off periods per day)
  • Frost / Fabric protection setting
  • Day setting
  • Space temperature sensor
  • Duct temperature sensor
  • Intelligent fan control
  • Intelligent burner control
  • Lockout alarm facility
  • Low temperature alarm
  • Trend logging
  • Alarm reporting
  • Control switch (key operated or normal) for local override 
  • Wi-Fi or ethernet connectivity
  • Easily retrofitted to your existing installation
  • Optional: BMS connectivity using BACnet over IP