Climatronic CSC Compensators

Intelligent controls are not just for complex control solutions, we can install our Honeywell CentraLine product to replace with ease four compensator controllers, utilising existing sensors and motorised valves to provide a simple control scheme and with scope to add sensors and relays to provide a full demand based boiler sequence solution at a future date.

One Hawk controller and IO34 module replaced four CSC compensators, then changing the valve heads from ARX actuators fitted to MB valves dating back to 1995 with Belimo HT24-SR's made the system much more flexible with points to spare for future expansion.

A remote mounted touchscreen gives full access to individual zone times, temperature settings and new ECO functions for further energy saving.

The boilers still on their original lead/lag thermostat are now demand-based, only operating when there is a call for heat from any of the four compensator zones.